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  •   Cathedral Village, 22/115 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
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Responsive – Approachable – Proactive


I am writing to you in appreciation for the service and direction that you and your team at Prudent Partners have provided us over the years.

We first met in 2008 when I was referred to you by a client of ours. I remember quite well the difficulty I had in locating an accounting firm with more than just a clinical approach to business in reviewing the past. We wanted to find a company to partner with in not just managing our past but also our future and the growth of our businesses. Prudent Partners has excelled in this area. Your firm has assisted us with setting up businesses, managing taxation, budgeting, mentoring, financial reporting, unit trust agreements and the list goes on. I almost feel like your firm has become an extension of our business and is effectively there as a department to assist the overall company.

Prudent Partners has been with us from a single business and one location to now multiple locations and many business entities. Your support has made our growth possible.

Over the years I have found your firm to provide consistent, high quality service. Whenever we have sought your assistance you have obliged promptly and with a business head. I find the fact your team pushes to achieve the best possible outcome for us as a client on every occasion to be truly unique.

Thank you Joe for all of the efforts made by you and your team with our businesses over the past six years. I am thrilled to be working with you, I look forward to the next six years.

Andrew Butcher
Managing Director - SignSite
Prudent Partners has been providing accounting services to me and my brother John and our businesses since 2005, almost 9 years, and you and your staff have always been not only very professional but also very approachable, good natured, patient and prompt in responding to our needs, even when we have made unreasonable and urgent requests requiring an immediate response.

In our interactions with you, we always felt that you had a thorough grasp of our business affairs and could provide quick information and advice. In addition to your professional services as accountants, it was some comfort that you and Tony took a personal interest in the overall operations and success of our businesses and were prepared to spend time with us discussing more strategic and difficult financial issues. It is uncommon to find an accounting firm where the principals show that type of attention and interest to their clients’ business affairs.

In addition when it comes to striking a balance between being small enough to be of personal service and yet large enough to be able to provide a wider range of skills, the size of Prudent Partners is just right for our type and size of business. As you know, no one can be absolutely 100% perfect, but on the very few occasions when minor errors or omissions have occurred, they were attended to immediately and rectified to our satisfaction and with no serious consequences.

Noel Sklavos
Director - Portside Property Services Pty Ltd

Living and Dining was established in 2003 as a sole trader business and since then has grown to become a registered company under the guidance of Prudent Partners. In that time we have moved our premises from Brisbane to Melbourne but have retained the services of Prudent Partners due to their understanding of our business needs and their advice for our growth.

We look forward to working with Prudent Partners even more closely as we move into the next stage of our development and would recommend them to any person who is either just beginning or looking to expand their business.

Lisa Saito
Director - Living and Dining Pty Ltd

As a Business Banking Manager, I am in regular contact with my clients’ Accountants. Whenever I need to speak with Joe Bucolo or Tony Romano from Prudent Partners, they are only too happy to assist.

They always have their clients’ best interests at heart and enable a smooth and seamless process when asked to provide information on their clients’ behalf.

John Mammoliti
Business Banking Manager - Suncorp Bank

In 2001 we had the opportunity to purchase the business that I had been an employee for some years.

As part of the business we inherited a book keeper who in his wisdom introduced us to Prudent Partners.

It is my belief that if I expect customers to trust me as a professional to deliver them a good product and service you should be able to do the same with your suppliers.

I was impressed with my first meeting with the partners and decided to follow their advice. They went ahead and set up the Company and Trust the rest is all good history.

At that stage they were 3 ks down the road. Now 200 ks, 13 years on, two businesses and several properties latter.

We are looking forward to a long association with Prudent Group.

Kevin Power
Director - HFTP Pty Ltd
As I have now been involved with yourself at Prudent Partners for over 12 years, I would just like to thank you in particular, and your staff in general for the help and professionalism you have given over those years. As you know, when we came to you we were just starting out in our business, and in fact everything was pretty standard. Fortunately, our business grew (and at some stages quicker than expected) and it was during these times that your advice and expertise guided us through what at times can become a minefield. When you start a business, generally you are experts in the area of your endeavour, but not in other areas that I now realise our essential for safe growth. What has really come to fruition over the years is what we DIDN’T know. I knew very little about asset protection, insurances and all the other areas of business that you must eventually come to grips with. I don’t know if that was a reflection of my business acumen or a reality most people in business experience.

On the road to developing our business, we took your advice on many issues and sometimes it wasn’t quite clear why we were doing something, only to find out down the track why you structured certain things the way you did. The problem in life and most certainly in business, is that we can’t rearrange things retrospectively. That is the area I feel you have helped us the most. In preparing us, and bullet proofing us financially from all the things that can decimate a business (many of which we were totally unaware). Yes there are many places a person can “get their tax done”, however running and growing a business requires a complete other skill set, and because of your expertise we have been able to grow as well as protect ourselves over the years.

Please pass on Corinne’s and my sincere wishes to your staff for everything you have done and achieved for our business and family.

Craig Crozier
Australian Crawl

It is a privilege to commend Joe, Tony & the team at Prudent Partners to you. The depth of knowledge together with the teams professional approach have assisted our family to navigate through the highs & lows of business in the last 10 years. The Prudent team is all ways available with the latest professional financial advice and you need their skills to survive in today’s business environment.

The Prudent team have shown that they have the drive to meet whatever deadlines that maybe imposed by financial institutions or others to ensure your business is best positioned today & in the future.

Daniel McSweeney

Nothing is too much trouble for Joe Bucolo and the guys at Prudent Partners.

Friendly, professional and always approachable, their knowledge and expertise helped guide
us through building our business into the success it is today.

Starting out 20 years ago with Joe and Prudent Partners they are now a very important extension of the John Cochrane Advertising Team.

Always there, whether by email or by phone to solve any problem, taking the stress out of
doing business.

Vicki and John Cochrane
John Cochrane Advertising

Tony Romano and the team at Prudent Partners have taken care of our personal and business financial affairs for over a decade. Our real estate Trust Account is audited several times a year by Janelle, both at Prudent Headquarters and on-site in Paddington. Tony Romano looks after our personal, business general accounting and Family Trust matters.

The team is up to date with taxation legislation and have always given us excellent advice to maximise our financial portfolio. Prudent are very approachable financial straight-shooters and we value their advice and expertise.

Sam and Vanessa Carbone
Paddington Real Estate

Prudent Partners has been a long standing business partner of ours and we have always found them to be very professional and courteous.

They have offered sound advice and steered us in the right direction with our business matters on many occasions.

We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Joe Bucolo and Prudent Partners for many years to come.

Sam Iskander
Principal - Alexander Law

Thorley Creative has been a customer of Joe Bucolo and Prudent Partners for about nine years. During this time we have always found Joe to be extremely approachable and professional. We feel comfortable in approaching him with any concerns or problems we may have.

On a number of occasions we have visited Prudent Partners to sit down and talk to Joe about changes in our business and brainstorm new ideas with him. Joe is unlike any other accountant, he takes the time to get to know you personally and your business needs. He never brushes you off and has always been available when we need to see him.

We would highly recommend Joe Bucolo to anyone who is looking for someone who is more than just an accountant, at Prudent Partners they treat us like family.

Joseph Thorley
Thorley Creative