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Dealing with Difficult Interactions

We all perceive things differently from one another.

For instance, you may perceive a particular goal as more important than a team member does.

Our differing perceptions shape our understanding of the world.

For example, if one of your team has experienced a layoff, they may interpret your announcement of an expansion very differently from someone who has never lost a job.

As we focus on factors that seem the most relevant to us, we look for evidence that supports our views. And our behaviour flows from this understanding.

Gender, work roles, and work experience can all influence perspectives. The company veteran who has been with you for years and knows how things have always been done will have a very different perspective from a new hire fresh out of school or university.

When working with behaviours you find difficult, it’s important to inquire, or at least conjecture, about the other’s perspective.

When you’re able to acknowledge the other point of view and appreciate the other person’s perception of the situation, you can move toward resolution.

For instance, you may discover someone’s persistence in working on an issue you consider unimportant to be based on their perception that the situation is critical.

Such enquiries—and discoveries—can be a big help in reconciling your differences.

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