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The Dangers of Multi-Tasking – Claim back 500+ hours per year

The Dangers of Multi-Tasking

As a fellow professional, we know that every day we seem to be doing more and more.

Let me ask you this…

Do you find yourself checking email while writing reports? Fielding phone calls, dealing with unexpected walk ins and solving co-workers problems and generally reacting to the day to day?

Every day we add more to the load, and the results of all this juggling keep compounding your frustration and costing you more time and money.

According to a recent study the many of us hold the mistaken belief is that we are part of the 2% of people who can successfully multi-task, rather than the 98% who can’t.

This is costing up to 2.1 HOURS A DAY or 546 HOURS A YEAR.

To a business owner, that’s potentially costing you over $10,000 per employee each year.

The High Cost of Multi-Tasking Infographic


Two suggestions on what to do to reclaim your time.

  1. Leave your email off until you’ve finished the first big task of the day.
  2. Allocate the time to the jobs you know need to be done, and be honest with yourself. If a job is going to take 45 minutes, don’t block out half an hour and do it hurriedly, or two hours and waste the time.

Why Not Give it a Try

Implement just one of the above. You may get back not only your lost time but you could free up even more time that you never thought you had.

We’re here to help you and your business. So if you would like to talk more, reply to this email, or give us a call on (07) 3252 4655.

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